What is Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy?


Jetblue airlines allow individuals to carry their dogs and cats with them. However, to make this travel hassle-free, one must have information on Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy. So, if your next air trip with Jetblue airlines is going to be with your furbaby, then go through the guide here.

Once you go through the information here, you will get to know about the policy and other things in detail.

Overview of Jetblue pet policy-

Jetblue airlines has set up both a cabin and checked pet policy. Therefore, the flyers need to have information on these if they want to avoid any future confusion and problems.

Let us first find out about the In-cabin pet policy of Jetblue airlines.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

The point given below will help you know about the in-cabin pet policy laid down by this airline.

  • First and foremost, Jetblue airlines allow only small cats and dogs.
  • According to the Jetblue Airways Pet Policy, one needs to carry their pet in the carrier that is approved by the airline.
  • Furthermore, the carrier should be waterproof and should be big enough that the pet can turn around in it. Keep in mind the ventilation too.
  • Moreover, the size of the carrier should not be more than 7L x 12.5W x 8.5 H. The carrier should be able to come under the seat in front of you.
  • The maximum weight of both pet and carrier is 20 lbs.
  • In addition, the pet cannot come out of the carrier during the whole flight.
  • Jetblue does not allow more than 4 animals on one flight. Also, for the fourth pet, you need to complete the booking at the airport within 24 hours from the time of departure. However, this is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The age of both puppies and kittens should be a minimum of 8 weeks. This is the minimum age if you want to fly to a domestic destination.

Checked pet policy

It is important to keep in mind that Jetblue airlines do not offer the checked service for animals. So, there is no Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy in this case.

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Are there any Restricted Breeds?

As per the Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy, no other animal apart from dogs and cats can travel.

Unlike other animals, Jetblue airlines does not restrict the travel of dogs and cats with small noses.

This means breeds like Persian cats, bulldogs, pugs, and others.

Documents required for your pets-

If you are flying your pets, there are some documents that one needs to have. According to the Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy, one must have these documents to fly with cats or dogs. Furthermore, Jetblue airlines is the right airline if you have a pet traveling with you. This is because this airline has a Jetblue Pet License for Flying.

Refer to the information below and know about these in detail-

Animal air transportation form

First and foremost, if you are flying with your service animal, it is compulsory to submit this form. Furthermore, it should be submitted to the transportation department 48 hours in advance. However, if you are traveling with an emotional support animal, then you can skip this.

Health form from the vet

In the case of an international flight, the owner needs to keep the health form from the vet. This form shows that the animal is healthy and has taken all the needed vaccination.

Destination Specific Form

A lot of countries have set up their own requirements for pet travel. So, if you are flying to an international destination, some countries like Hawaii or Puerto Rico might ask for their specific form. Therefore, make sure you search for all of this in advance and fill in the form accordingly.

What is the Cost of Pet travel?

Jetblue airlines has set up a fee of $125 USD each way. So, if you have a round-trip flight, you will have to pay $250.

Make traveling with your pet a hassle-free experience by going through the detailed information on Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy here.

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What is Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy?


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