Can We Bring Aerosols On Planes in 2023

When packing for air travel, you can not bring everything you wish on the plane. Air travelers must follow basic rules and restrictions when packing checked or carry-on items. So, if you are wondering whether you can bring aerosols on a flight, you must know the TSA rules. But before we do that, let’s understand […]

How To Upgrade Seats On JetBlue Airways

Want to score an upgraded seat on JetBlue? Yes! You can upgrade your seat without any hassle. However, you must check out the JetBlue seat upgrade policy if you want to upgrade your seat. The airline allows passengers to upgrade their seats to JetBlue premium travel classes. With this facility, passengers can enhance their travel […]

What is Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy?

Jetblue airlines allow individuals to carry their dogs and cats with them. However, to make this travel hassle-free, one must have information on Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy. So, if your next air trip with Jetblue airlines is going to be with your furbaby, then go through the guide here. Once you go through the information […]

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