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JetBlue’s discount policy exists to make sure that travelers know that JetBlue is firmly committed to providing an exceptional experience with its service and products. JetBlueflytrip is not responsible for lost or stolen baggage, delays caused by weather, mechanical breakdowns, or other external factors.

Our  policies regarding the laws and regulations in the country or state you are traveling to are subject to change without notice. We also not have any responsibility for delays, cancellations, or interruptions to flights due to weather, war, acts of God, terrorism, or any other similar reason. 

It also makes no representations about its own services that are provided as part of a promotional package. Terms and conditions of carriage such as baggage allowance and age restrictions may vary from the specified schedule. 

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We accept no responsibility for any additional costs in connection with a travel package even if you have special pricing integrated with the airline.



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