JetBlue Flights To Jamaica

Relaxing in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a tropical wonderland. It is the fourth largest island country in this sea and attracts travelers to its hotspots. No wonder, people look up to JetBlue flights to Jamaica among the most trusted airlines to reach this ideal holiday destination. Jamaican water activities send a special invite to adrenaline junkies. In addition to several attractions, tourists can enjoy a cozy stay in its many resorts. 

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Benefits of choosing JetBlue flights to Jamaica

JetBlue flights are the epitome of luxury and comfort. If you plan a trip with this airline, you will experience the most pleasurable journey of your life. So, if you are thinking of choosing the right airline for your journey, you must choose JetBlue without even thinking twice.

  • Exceptional amenities

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  • Unlimited deals and offers

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  • Simple booking process

Moreover, one can confirm their flight booking to Jamaica with much ease. They can navigate to the official site, install the mobile app, or call JetBlue Airlines. to confirm the flight booking. Moreover, all these methods are simple and easy to use. Make sure to add Jamaica in the “Destination” field for the fastest booking procedure.

A Glance on Jamaica

Jamaica is blessed with a rich culture and adventurous vibes. No wonder, it is the choicest escape from the monotonous daily life. Its beaches entice with their white sands, clear waters, and splendid sunsets. To surrender yourself to the terrific tropical delight, book tickets to any of the JetBlue flights to Jamaica.

Also, savor its culinary delicacies that serve you unique flavors. You will never run short of water activities in Jamaica. Let’s quickly see some of the top Jamaican attractions.


Listen to the rhythmic waterfalls, cascading in all their glamor to entice you. Visit these wonders that offer you the best clicks –

1. Blue Hole Waterfalls

You are in for a sumptuous visual treat with a visit to this underappreciated Jamaican paradise. Gushing down south of Ocho Rios, this waterfall is also a magnificent swimming spot.

Additionally, the waterfall is heaven for nature lovers, cliff-divers, and various thrill-seekers. A short hike from here will take you to another waterfall nearby. Spend good times at natural pools and rope swings. For such a  liberating experience, book a JetBlue flight to Jamaica.

2. Dunn’s River Falls

One of the treasures of Jamaica, this is not only a popular waterfall but also a prime Caribbean tourist hotspot. It is a stone’s throw from Ocho Rios and serves as an adventurous spot for the daring at heart.

Tread on the giant natural stairs on which the waterfall flows in a terraced fashion. However, if you want to take in the views around, go for the stairs alongside the falls. In totality, Dunn’s River is an exclusive attraction in the Caribbean. And it invites you to partake in its natural beauty and historical importance. So, select from JetBlue flights to Jamaica today and set on to this marvel.

3. Seven Mile Beach

It is sin to not visit this beach when you are in Jamaica. Celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and thrilling water sports, Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is a tourist magnet. The beach attracts vacationers to delight in its coral sands and crystal clear waters. Go scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also rent kayaks and sailboats to enjoy the vast expanses of water around.

Shutterbugs also love this place. Thanks to innumerable sites to capture on the camera lens. You can also buy an underwater camera for some superb shots. Excited enough? Hop on any of the JetBlue flights to Jamaica and jump at this beach for unparalleled fun.

4. The Blue Mountains

Did you know?

From where does the world-famous and fragrant Blue Mountain Coffee come from?

Your very own Jamaican Blue Mountains.

The longest mountain range along the eastern edge of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains are all about majestic scenery and your refreshing coffee.

Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts equally love this place. People drive their wheels and hike through these mountains. Re-energize yourself with a piping hot cup of the famous Blue Mountains coffee. In a rush to visit the place? Book your tickets online or through JetBlue Airlines customer service number at the earliest.

5. Dolphin Cove

This is a unique aquamarine attraction, drawing people from far and wide. Here, they can get into interaction with marine mammals. Another attraction here is the Jungle Trail Walk, where visitors can witness birds, iguanas, and snakes with other marine creatures.

In addition to the above, Dolphin Cove gives you opportunities to –

  • Relax on the white sandy beaches
  • Snorkel with stingrays
  • Sip on the Jamaican coffee
  • Buy home souvenirs or jewelry
  • Have lunch with the Caribbean Sea in the backdrop
  • Know about Jamaica and the dolphins

Need to have more reasons for a Dolphin Cove trip? So, go for a JetBlue flight booking and land here for an unprecedented tropical experience.

6. Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

Better known as Ahhh Ras Natango, the attraction is a tropical retreat on top of a hill that overlooks Montego Bay. It comprises a gallery and a botanical garden that art aficionados and nature lovers equally enjoy. The art gallery exhibits works of local, self-taught, and formally-trained artists.

In the garden, you will see two themed sections – the Fairy’s Village and a Dinosaur Era Garden. The latter has native Jamaican plants. Overall the garden has unique floral plants, lovely trees, and over 50 fern species. You can purchase unique items from the gift shop. Weddings are also organized here.

So, buy JetBlue flight tickets to Jamaica and have a gala time at this place.

7. Negril Cliffs

Do you love to watch sunsets? Who doesn’t? Then, head to Negril Cliffs where you can soak in a spectacular sunset and go cliff jumping. Scenery and adventure in one place. The daring activity of cliff jumping is done from Rick’s Cafe. However, it is advised only for professionals.

When it comes to scenic delight, the cliff overlooks the blue sea beneath 40 feet. The site is serene, scenic, and overwhelming where you can spend a great time with your loved ones. For your convenience, there are frequent JetBlue flights to Jamaica. Catch one for a dream vacay.

8. Rainforest Adventures

How can you miss out on a generous amount of adventure when in Jamaica? Being a tropical region, it brings a plethora of adrenaline-enriched activities for the daring. Some of the best activities here are –

  • SkyExplorer rides
  • Bobsled rides
  • Canopy zip lines
  • Mystic Waterslide
  • Infinity edge pool

As the adventure park is perched atop Mystic Mountain, which is 700 feet above the sea, it brings some amazing photography opportunities as well.

9. Nine Mile

After you have reasons aplenty to explore Jamaica for scenery and fun, catch a JetBlue flight to Jamaica for your favorite reggae legend – Bob Marley. The place houses his birthplace and mausoleum where you can watch his belongings, now historical artifacts. These artifacts include guitars, awards, and photographs.

A Rasta-colored ‘rock pillow’ is also there on which Bob Marley laid his head when he sought inspiration. The star now rests in peace with his guitar in an oblong marble mausoleum inside a small, Ethiopian design church. Inside the property, there are two mausoleums –   Marley’s mother, Cedella Booker and Marley’s.

Thus, count yourself in for a trip to treasure with a visit to Jamaica. As you plan your itinerary, JetBlue flights to Jamaica help you fly comfortably to your dream destination. Make sure that you have booked your tickets in advance to get your preferred seats. So, pack your bags and fly to Jamaica with JetBlue today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Jamaica Flights

What airport does JetBlue fly to in Jamaica?

However, Jamaica has 10 international airports, but the most used for flying are Sangster International Airport (MBJ) and Norman Manley International Airport (KIN).

What is the cheapest time to fly to Jamaica?

February is considered to be the cheapest month to fly to Jamaica. Book your tickets this month for an affordable journey.

How can I get deals on JetBlue flights to Jamaica?

You must visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines to check the list of ongoing deals. Moreover, you must connect with airline executives to explore hidden discounts.

Can I book JetBlue tickets on the call?

Yes, you can call the airline reservations number to confirm your flight booking. Share your details with the airline agents for a hassle-free booking process.

Is JetBlue flying to Jamaica?

Yes, JetBlue operates its flight services to Jamaica for the convenience of its flyers.

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