JetBlue Cancellation Policy

JetBlue has made flight ticket cancellation pretty customer-friendly. Furthermore, JetBlue cancellation policy makes things even easier. The airline doesn’t levy a cancellation fee on most cancellations except for Blue Basic.

You have to pay a change/cancel fee of $100 on Blue Basic fares to travel within North America, Central America, or the Caribbean. Alternatively, it is $200 for all other routes. However, the cancellation fee is not fixed as it depends upon various factors such as destination, type of travel, etc.

If you have to cancel your flight tickets with JetBlue, the information below is for you.

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy

You have booked your flight tickets, but something happened all you can’t travel as scheduled. In such a case, you can cancel your JetBlue flight tickets easily. The airline allows you to cancel both domestic and international flights.

So, let’s have a look at JetBlue flight cancellation policy highlights –

  • On a non-refundable ticket cancellation, you can claim a refund only for the taxes.
  • You can claim a cancellation refund on a refundable or non-restricted price only if you have purchased the ticket directly from JetBlue.
  • Refund claimed as future travel credit would be valid up to one year from the date of flight cancellation.
  • You get the JetBlue refund credits to the original payment form, such as the debit/credit card.
  • Cancellation charges are applicable on the restricted and non-restricted fares, irrespective of the fare type and the chosen travel class.
  • JetBlue cancellation is covered if the passenger –
  • Is not medically fit to fly or requires hospitalization
  • Has an accident
  • Or the co-passenger has passed away, or there is a death in the family.
  • The JetBlue award ticket cancellation policy provides Mosaic reward members with a JetBlue award cancellation fee. This applies to non-refundable fare cancellations, which they get as future travel credit.
  • Same-day cancellation waives the cancellation fee for Mosaic members on all fares. If you cancel before the scheduled departure, you will get a refund on the travel essentials.

JetBlue Ticket Cancellation – Guidelines

Before you go canceling your flight tickets on JetBlue, you must know its guidelines so that you are at benefit –

  • As per JetBlue cancellation policy, if a cancellation is requested on call, you have to pay a $25 fee along with the ticket cancellation charges.
  • Refundable fare bookings, changes, and cancellations are allowed before the scheduled departure. Such changes are subject to availability and an applicable difference in the airfare.
  • You will get a refund as future travel credit on all non-refundable flight tickets purchased through JetBlue Credit Card.
  • Non-refundable ticket cancellation gets a travel credit as a refund. Your JetBlue Travel Bank account receives it and doesn’t have any expiry date.
  • It will be considered a no-show if you don’t cancel a non-refundable ticket before the flight’s scheduled departure. In this case, you won’t get any refund.
  • According to JetBlue cancellation policy,you get arefund as travel credit when restricted fare cancellations are made before the flight’s departure.
  • Government or military fares are eligible for their ticket cancellation refund on their unused portion. A cancellation fee may apply.

JetBlue 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

To claim a full refund, you have to cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of purchasing your flight ticket. To know more about this policy, scroll down.

  • If you have made changes to a booking, you won’t be eligible for a refund. Depending on the fare type, it is subject to a per-person cancellation fee, irrespective of the 24-hour rule.
  • While canceling your ticket, make sure that the flight’s scheduled departure date is at least after 7 days. As per JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy, you won’t have to pay any JetBlue cancellation fee and you are eligible for a full refund.
  • This policy does not back vacation packages.

JetBlue Flight Cancellation, Delays, Changes – The Factors and More

So, you know a good deal of this airline’s cancellation policy.

Now, let’s have a look at circumstances when JetBlue cancels, undergoes schedule changes, or has delayed flights.

Canceled Flights

If JetBlue cancels your flight at a time when you have a confirmed booking, the airline bestows you with the following options –

  • Board on the next available JetBlue flight without any charges.
  • JetBlue Travel Bank credit
  • Refund to the original payment form in case the airline is unable to rebook your flight within 2 hours
  • Flights canceled within 4 hours of scheduled departure are eligible for compensation

Flights having schedule changes

If JetBlue changes your flight, you have the options mentioned below, as per JetBlue cancellation policy.

Maximum 60 minutes

  • Flights eligible to waive the fee may be canceled or changed without charging you a fee.
  • Your voluntary changes will be subject to the airfare surge and any applicable fee.

From 61 minutes to 119 minutes

  • Board any JetBlue flight the same day, the day before, or a day after your original flight without any charges.
  • You may get and cancel a JetBlue Travel Bank credit.

From 2 hours or more

  • Hop on another JetBlue flight within a week before or after your original flight. No extra charges incurred.
  • Cancel and receive a JetBlue Travel Bank credit or a refund to the original form of payment.

The aforementioned points are applicable in case you want to make JetBlue change flight from nonstop to connecting/stopover flight.

Weather disruptions

Come rain or the sun shines, JetBlue abides by its flight schedule. However, the weather might cause disruptions, resulting in the airline making changes to its flight schedules. Here is a gist of the fee waivers in such cases.

Fee waiver Issued

With the Manage Trips tool on the official website, the impacted customers may change/cancel their flight without a fee or airfare increase.

No fee waiver

For impending storms (unless a fee waiver is issued/ a delay of 30+ minutes/ flight cancellation).

A flight delay/cancelation usually occurs on the day of its scheduled departure.

JetBlue Refund Policy

If your travel plans suddenly change, you can claim a refund of your ticket fare. However, you have to keep in mind that your refund eligibility on the airline depends on the type of ticket that you have purchased.

Here are JetBlue refund policy high lights on flight ticket cancellation –

  • Passengers can get a complete refund of the unused ticket fare portion for flight cancellation or disruption, attributed directly to the airline.
  • If you want to cancel the remaining part of the journey, your cancellation refund amount would be equivalent to the one-way fare for the part of the trip canceled.

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Process

As per JetBlue flight cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight online or through a phone call. To help you cancel your flight ticket, here are the processes –

Flight Cancellation Online

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue Airline.
  • Locate the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Enter the confirmation code and the passenger’s surname to access the JetBlue booking.
  • Select the flight itinerary.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • JetBlue cancellation refund would be credited as a travel credit or the original mode of payment. It depends on the flight ticket fare type.
  • Click on the ‘Confirmation’ button.
  • On the cancellation confirmation, you will get an email about the same.

Flight Cancellation Via Phone

According to the JetBlue cancel flight policy, to cancel your flight through a phone call, all you have to do is to dial 18005382583 and –

  • Follow the IVR prompts.
  • Connect with a customer care representative of JetBlue.
  • Share your booking reference with them.
  • Request the ticket cancellation.
  • Check the refund amount generated from the booking.

Therefore, with JetBlue, you can be assured to cancel your flight tickets if required and get a refund for them. However, you have to stick to its terms, conditions, rules, and guidelines to reap the maximum benefits on flight ticket cancellation.

Please note that if your flight qualifies for the airline’s cancellation compensation, it will send you an email within seven days of the scheduled flight departure. It will happen automatically if you are entitled to canceled flight compensation or JetBlue change flight.

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