Columbus Day 2022: Know More About The Tradition and Celebrations

Columbus Day 2022

An Italian explorer known as Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 and reached America to the exploration of new land. This day is usually celebrated, on Monday, October 10th to memorize this day. Unofficially , Columbus day was celebrated by cities and states until it was declared a federal holiday in 1937. 

Many people around the globe celebrate this auspicious day of America by traveling to this place, and boarding a flight, especially on this day. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October, the date might vary accordion to the day. Different OTA offers different discounts on Columbus day flights if you want to fly and come to America for the Columbus day celebrations. 

What Are The Facts and Controversies About Columbus Day?

There are some countable facts about Columbus day that you should know. Given below are for your reference:

  • Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, and he’s been into sailing and exploration since he was 15 years old.
  • The city of Palos offered 3 ships to Christopher when he started his exploration for the first time.
  • 90 crew members were traveling on these 3 ships that were sailing for exploration.
  • The 26th President Roosevelt was the one to announce Columbus day as a national holiday in 1934.
  • Columbus was reburied many times, so the exact burial place is still unknown.
  • In Puerto Rico, the day is celebrated, along with Puerto Rico friendship day.

The above facts are for your knowledge, and they might vary according to the actual events that occurred during that time.

What is it and Why is it Celebrated?

Columbus Day is the occasion on which the great explorer Christopher Columbus sailed to America and explored this new land. There are some specific reasons for which this day is celebrated, and they are given below:

  • It is celebrated because Columbus sailed into America on this day, and this day is remembered as the famous Columbus Day.
  • Some facts and myths make people believe this day is sacred, so people celebrate this day happily.
  • In several countries, this day is celebrated by other names, but the tradition and culture to celebrate this occasion are the same.

The reason to celebrate this Columbus day are many, but the complete accountability of this day is given to the famous Christopher Columbus. If you want to witness the traditionality of this day your can book flights and see the amazingness of this festival.

How Do Americans Celebrate Columbus Day?

Americans celebrate this day joyously and make it a happening event by organizing street parades and tableaus. The Americans will be celebrating this Colombus day 2022 in many ways, and some are given here:

  • Locals host and join street parades and tableaus, and the audience enjoys the whole thing.
  • Street plays are organized and everyone dresses in colorful costumes.
  • Locals also organize authentic Italian food stalls and cultural music.
  • Studies and lessons about Native American culture, are also offered to the people who come from outside. This helps them to connect and understand the culture closely.   
  • People are also entertained by the folk and regional dance on the streets.

Americans make their festivals and celebrations a happening event by, influencing their joy and deduction towards their culture.

Is Columbus Day a Federal Holiday?

Not before 1934, but after the 26th president Roosevelt announced, Colombus Day as a federal holiday. Now many people get confused about, federal holidays. A federal holiday is off, in which all the federal offices are closed. Not every state offers a day off from work during this day. There is also a controversy over the same, as it is said that the anti-immigrants group canceled this holiday because it has a strong association with catholicism.

Many people around the globe fly to the USA for celebrating this occasion, as it has a strong influence on the globe. The travelers who are fond of traveling. They book flights, during this time, as it serves reasonable fares on the flight bookings.

What Are The Ways To Celebrate Columbus Day in America?

One in many ways cannot be defined in America when it comes to celebrating Columbus day. It is considered a very hyped and sacred occasion in America and there are many different ways by which this festival can be celebrated. From all over the world people land in America and make this fest a memorable one.

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Are Banks Closed On Columbus Day?

Columbus day is considered a bank holiday in most of the banks in different states. You call it a bank holiday or indigenous people holiday. It is considered a federal holiday.

Do banks open on Columbus day?

Almost every bank is closed on this day, but some banks are open such as; American national bank, TD Bank, etc.

Do schools open on this day?

There is no such provision for schools being closed. In other words, all over the USA schools are open on Columbus day. Though banks remains closed for the day.

Is the indigenous day the same as Columbus day?

Indigenous day is an alternative to Columbus Day. Native Americans oppose this day as it is said to be the day of a person who colonized them and put forced assimilation.

Columbus Day 2022: Know More About The Tradition and Celebrations

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