How can I Use My JetBlue Travel Bank Account Credits?


Have you canceled a JetBlue flight lately? And are now looking forward to booking the next flight? Before opening your wallet, check your JetBlue travel bank. Are you wondering what it is? And how does it help you? Here we are with some information on the same.

The travel credit program by JetBlue Airlines is generous as it transfers money from your canceled or changed flights to your account. Sound good, isn’t it? But you need to know more about it. After all, it is something that helps you cover some travel costs. The liberal approach allows you to use your travel credits within a period of a year. Just use the credits within a year.

So, let’s begin.

What is a JetBlue Travel Bank?

As the name suggests, this is a ‘bank’ account to meet your ‘travel’ requirements. It holds the value/credits of your canceled flights for a year, which you can use to buy new flight tickets within the same year.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you cancel or change a JetBlue flight. Then, if you are eligible, the reimbursement for it is credited to your Travel Bank account of JetBlue

In other words, a travel bank holds your refund as travel credits. And whenever you need, redeem these credits to book a flight ticket. You can pay for traveling with these travel credits through your card.

So, the JetBlue Travel Bank is like an online bank, which facilitates you to manage your travel credits to book future flights.

Who can Avail of JetBlue Travel Bank Credit?

To know who can use JetBlue travel bank redits, take a quick shot below –

Travel Bank for True-Blue Members

TrueBlue members can avail travel bank through their online TrueBlue account. Here’s how –

  • Go to your TrueBlue account.
  • Sign in/ Login.
  • Click on your name.
  • Your total travel credit amount will be displayed.
  • Click “Travel Bank Credit” to view the Travel Bank Statement.

Travel Bank for Non-True Blue Members

As soon as you qualify for a travel credit, your travel bank account is created immediately. Thereafter, you will receive your JetBlue travel bank login details throughwo welcome emails. Sharing your login information in two emails is done for security purposes.he first email shares your username with you and the password is sent in the second email.

If you didn’t receive these emails, you can request a login or reset your password using the online login search form.

Note that you have to log in with the credentials that JetBlue has shared via emails. You can alternatively register with True-blue to access your Travel Bank account every time. To register, you have to use the same email address through which you have booked a JetBlue flight ticket.

How to Use My Credit in JetBlue Travel Bank?

You can use your credits in JetBlue travel bank asily in a few steps. For your convenience, the steps are mentioned here –

  • Using JetBlue travel credit to purchase a JetBlue flight ticket is easy and quick. You can either go to the JetBlue app or login in with or your travel bank
  • Click on the “Book Now” option to start with.
  • Search for a flight.
  • Enter the passenger’s information.
  • Once you are redirected to the payment page, select the “Travel Bank” option.
  • If you began booking right away without logging in, you can log in using your TrueBlue credentials. Alternatively, you can use your 10-digit login ID.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, your credit balance will be displayed.
  • There will be an option to use as much or as little of your credit. Select as you prefer.
  • Click on the “Apply Travel Bank Credits” button.
  • Your credits will be redeemed.
  • If your Travel Bank credits do not cover the entire amount for the reservation, use your credit card to complete the payment.

Now, you have used your JetBlue Travel Bank funds successfully. Wasn’t this easy?

Can I Use My JetBlue Travel Account Credits for Every Related Service?

No, JetBlue allows you to use your travel bank credits only for flight ticket purchases. It can’t be used for any other associated services.

You can’t use your travel bank credits of JetBlue for:

  • Shop Blue merchandise
  • More Space seats
  • Same-day change fees
  • Unaccompanied Minor fees
  • Change/cancel fees on True Blue Point booking
  • Pet fees
  • Flights on partner airlines
  • Purchases onboard
  • Baggage fees

Remember that –

  • The airline also facilitates you to use your travel credits for anyone you want. You can go for a JetBlue flight booking for anyone using your travel credits. It is not necessary to match the traveler’s name on the account.
  • Travel credits can also be used to pay other charges such as flight change or cancellation. It is only to cover the flight fare and its taxes and fees. You can’t use the credits for ancillary services likedd-ons or seat selection.

Therefore, you need not shell out from your personal wallet to book a flight ticket with JetBlue. The airline benefits you with credits that you can use as money for your next bookings.etBlue Travel Bank credits may also be eligible for extension. For detailed information, connect with the JetBlue travel bank customer service. It is noteworthy that extension requests take 5-7 business days to process.o, if you have credits in youraccount, count yourself at advantage.t helps you check your account balance, its dates of expiry, and the transaction history. And in case, you find yourself stuck anywhere in the process or need assistance in any other language like Spanish, there is a JetBlue en Espanol Telefono or you. Just dial 1-800-538-2583 and you will be connected to a fluent Spanish-speaking customer care executive.

Is your JetBlue travel account credited with any credits lately? It’s time for another trip. Book now!


How to add travel bank to my JetBlue account?

You cannot add a travel bank to your JetBlue account as the airline does it for you. Once you are found eligible for a travel credit after you have canceled/changed a JetBlue flight, the airline creates your travel bank account.

Can I transfer JetBlue travel funds to another person?

No, you can’t transfer your JetBlue travel credits to some other person. However, you can use your credits to buy flight tickets for someone else. They can be your friends, parents, kids, spouse, or any relative.

How can I access my JetBlue Travel Bank?

Log in to your account with the login ID and password that the airline shared via emails. Alternatively, you can use your TrueBlue credentials for it.

Can my trip credits be combined with the travel credits of someone else?

No, you cannot. Every account and its travel credit has to be accessed through a different flight ticket booking. If you want to combine your bookings as you are booking tickets for more than one person, contact the airline. Raise a request to receive payments from each Travel Bank account for booking. Also, JetBlue allows every passenger to have only one Travel Bank account.

Jetblue Travel Bank Video

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How can I Use My JetBlue Travel Bank Account Credits?

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