How to Change My Name On Jetblue Account?


Have you misspelled your name on a JetBlue flight ticket while booking? Now what? Relax. With JetBlue name change policy, you can easily change or make corrections to your name. It takes care of such concerns and helps you modify your name.

The airline allows changes in case of marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, there are other reasons as well when a passenger needs to change a name. So, let’s see how to change/make corrections to your name on JetBlue. We will look into other information nuggets as well.

What is JetBlue Name Change Policy?

While flying with JetBlue, you can make corrections to your name as per its policy about name correction. However, if you are making any corrections to your name that don’t meet the name correction guidelines set by JetBlue, these are name changes. To get a clearer idea, let’s scroll down.

While changing your name, fulfill the criteria mentioned below as the name change policy JetBlue has devised –

The validating carrier must be JetBlue (B6/279), which must operate and/or validate all flights in the ticket.

Alternatively, an OA Interline JetBlue Partner must operate/validate all the flights in the ticket.

Here are the major guidelines for changing a name on a ticket and making it transferrable –

  • Cancel the current PNR segments.
  • Leave the ticket open.
  • Book a new PNR and save the current cost of selling.
  • Voluntarily exchange/reissue the open ticket.
  • While reissuing, collect the applicable change fee and any fare difference.
  • You need not have a waiver code for this transaction as the fee and fare difference are already collected.
  • If you don’t comply with the above points, the airline will send you a debit memo.

So, in the flight of JetBlue name change transfer policy, you can transfer your ticket.

Note – After a PNR is issued, you can’t change the name on it. But, the airline allows you to use the ticket for another customer. However, you have to book a new PNR, pay the fare difference, and change fees.

What is the Name Correction Policy of JetBlue?

You can make required modifications/adjustments to your name according to the policy for correcting names. Usually, people do so to keep their names on their passports or any other government-issued ID in sync.

  • Passengers can correct the characters in their name or replace those as per JetBlue name correction policy. However, they can’t change their gender and date of birth along with name correction.
  • Here are the criteria that you must follow to make corrections to your name –
  • JetBlue (B6/279) must be the validating carrier for flights operating on the ticket.
  • For one name correction, the airline allows only one reissue per ticket.
  • Additional name corrections are counted as a name change. These are subject to change fees and increases in fare.

If the original fare is not available, you can’t make changes to –

  • Flights
  • Travel dates
  • Travel classes

Try to get the same fare class, which was chosen initially and is on the ticket. If it is not possible, get your reservation at the lowest available fare class.

  • If you need to modify your date of birth (DOB) and/or gender with your name, it will be considered a change of name. And will be subject to JetBlue name change policy.
  • DOB can have minor changes because of errors during booking. This is allowed only if there is no change in the name.
  • JetBlue allows minor name corrections mid-travel that must be in accordance to the government-issued ID/passport.
  • The airline allows only one correction to every customer. Any more changes are considered to be changes and subject to the policy for a name change.

Note – JetBlue doesn’t allow name corrections to substitute one customer with another. Such a correction is considered a name change. That’s why the airline shifts it to JetBlue airlines name change policy.

Which Name Changes/Corrections Does JetBlue Allow?

JetBlue allows making changes/corrections to the spellings of –

  • First names
  • Middle names
  • Last names
  • Nickname to Legal
  • Inverted names

The airline also allows correction of the format according to valid documents. Additionally, you can add a middle or last name.

What is JetBlue Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents?

After you are through with change and correction in the names of passengers as per their respective policies, let’s see is for travel agents.

Before we proceed with it, let’s have a look at some important points –

  • Name correction rules by JetBlue don’t support bookings that are made through unauthorized channels.
  • Changes of names are allowed only if –
  1. The change doesn’t deteriorate the name
  2. There is no change in the original form of the ticket

Now, let’s go through the points mentioned below to understand the JetBlue name correction policy for travel agents in a better and clear way –

  • With name correction set of rules and guidelines for travel agencies, the airline allows to make minor name changes in the middle of a trip. However, government-issued documents must support the changes.
  • Travelers can request a name correction on flights that JetBlue Airlines (B6/279)

authenticates or operates.

  • To change your name on a JetBlue ticket, submit –
  • Government-approved documents or
  • Passport with the name change form duly filled
  • If the passenger is open to swapping flight tickets with other passengers, JetBlue doesn’t allow name changes.
  • One modification is allowed per passenger.
  • For changing the date of birth and gender both, passengers have to pay a fee as per JetBlue Airways name change policy.
  • If you are looking forward to getting compensation on fees, reach out to the customer service executives of JetBlue at 18005382583. For Spanish assistance, you can call 8885387317.

How to Change/Correct Name on a JetBlue Flight Ticket?

If you want to know about the process of changing your name on JetBlue, there are different options for you to choose at your convenience.

Some of the options you can select from are – the official website, mobile app, airport counters, and customer service.

Let’s begin with the online method.

Online Method for Name Change/Correction

Visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines or its app.

  • Select Manage My Booking.
  • In the respective fields, enter –
  • The passenger’s last name
  • Confirmation code
  • Click on the Continue.
  • Select your trip.
  • Click on Change or Modify.
  • According to JetBlue name change policy, your name must be changed as per your government-approved ID.
  • Attach valid documents.
  • Click on Continue and submit the form.
  • Pay the charges applicable.

Once the system has checked the eligibility of your ticket, the requested corrections will be made.

2. Offline Method for Name Change/Correction

  • Dial 18005382583.
  • You will be connected to a customer service representative.
  • Request the name change/correction.
  • Support your request with a passport or government-issued ID.
  • The agents will make the required changes/corrections.
  • Pay the charges applicable to complete the process. Fees for name changes or corrections are also applicable.

For more details, contact its customer executives who are always ready to help you.

Therefore, you need not be concerned about change/correction to your name when you are taking a JetBlue flight. With JetBlue name change policy your concerns are addressed smartly. Remember that you can modify the spelling of your first and last names. Also, these should be within the characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you correct a name on a JetBlue ticket?

Go to the “Manage My Booking” section on the JetBlue official site. To change the name, you have to cancel the current PNR and book a new one.

Can you change passenger name after check in?

Yes, JetBlue will charge a small fee to change the passenger name after check-in.

Does it matter if your middle name is spelled wrong on my airline ticket?

Generally, the airline doesn’t give much importance to the passenger’s middle name. However, it is recommended to correct your mistake to avoid any hassle.

Do I need my full name on JetBlue flight tickets?

Yes, you must add your full name as it appears on your identity card or passport. If the name doesn’t match, you will not be allowed to travel.

Can I change my flight ticket name to another person?

Once your PNR has been ticketed, no name changes are allowed. However, you can use this booked ticket for another customer after booking a new PNR. The increase in fare and the appropriate change fee will be charged.

Does JetBlue allow middle name changes?

Yes, you can change your middle name easily if you have a booking with JetBlue Airlines.

Does JetBlue charge for name changes?

You will have to pay certain charges to change the name on a flight ticket. This fee may vary depending upon several factors.

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