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Seeking a luxurious First Class experience on the JetBlue flight? Well, many passengers ask this question whether JetBlue has First Class or not. JetBlue Airlines doesn’t have a specific First Class, but it has its own version, known as JetBlue Mint class. The airline has its First Class in this name. To have First Class experience with JetBlue, you must purchase Mint class tickets. Mint is basically JetBlue’s take on First Class.

Flying in First Class is not only about unlimited booze and extra legroom, but it is all about planning the trips as per your preferences right from the time you enter the airport. And JetBlue Mint is decorated with all exceptional amenities to facilitate you with a luxury travel experience. However, this travel class is specifically not labeled as “First Class” but has all the features to make your journey unforgettable. There is no travel class that can compete with the comfort offered by JetBlue Mint. So, go ahead, and book your tickets now for a First Class JetBlue experience. Read on to learn more about this premium travel class.

JetBlue Mint Class – A height of seamless traveling!

The Mint travel class is the First Class of JetBlue with lots of impeccable amenities. With JetBlue Mint, you are in for a jaw-dropping experience like no other.  The Mint class has recently got a makeover and is ready to make your journey as smooth as possible. This travel class mostly has in-flight cabins, but some flights also have in-flight suites.

JetBlue Mint is available on all flights from & to London and on select coast-to-coast, Latin America, and the Caribbean routes. This travel class is your own aisle land where you have the utmost privacy. Moreover, JetBlue First Class seats have extra legroom to make your journey refreshing.

You will get plenty of perks when flying in this travel class. Let’s check out some of the benefits of choosing JetBlue Mint for your journey.

  • Premium dining experience

JetBlue has a partnership with Delicious Hospitality Group to bring the best flavors to you. Moreover, you will have a custom playlist according to the meal you choose. You will feel like dining in SoHo while flying high. Additionally, this partnership has raised the bar on the open bar; select your favorite wine from the curated list, and refresh yourself. So order lip-smacking food to satiate your taste buds.

  • Your own private suite

Are you a business traveler who wants the utmost privacy while flying? In JetBlue Mint First Class, you will have your own suite. Each suite has a sliding door that ensures that you get privacy. There will be bells and whistles that you can use to call the flight attendants if you need anything. Moreover, you will have dedicated storage to stow your luggage. Moreover, each Mint Suite has direct access to the aisle.

  • Unbeatable in-flight entertainment

Get immersed in the JetBlue Mint in-flight entertainment to avoid boredom in the air. Watch your favorite shows or movies on the large 17” TV if you are flying in the in-flight cabin. However, you can watch shows on 22” TV if you choose to travel in the suite. Use the Master & Dynamic’s MH40 to ignore all the disturbances. In the JetBlue Mint class, you have so many options to entertain yourself. Moreover, there will be customizable lighting; set the lighting according to your mood and make the most of your time.

  • Sleeping essentials

Sleep comfortably on the fully lie-flat seats, which are built with Tuft & Needle’s T&N Adaptive® Foam cushions. Moreover, you will get a customizable blanket and another foam pillow. Furthermore, passengers will also have a snooze kit. Use all these essentials to wake up more refreshed.

Enjoy additional benefits with JetBlue Mint!

In addition to offering onboard amenities, you can enjoy excellent perks on the ground as well. Choose JetBlue Mint class flights to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Lounge Access

Start your journey with JetBlue as soon as you enter the airport. You will get lounge access after booking your tickets in this travel class. Refresh yourself before getting on the flight, and avail amazing benefits in the JetBlue lounge.

  • Priority check-in

After choosing the JetBlue Mint, you will get priority in everything. Eligible flyers have access to the priority check-in queue, and they can pass the security like a breeze.

  • Free checked bag

After choosing JetBlue Mint Class, you can take your checked bags on the flight for free. You can bring 2 checked bags on the flight weighing upto 70 pounds.

In conclusion

So what are you waiting for now? Book your tickets, and get ready to experience luxury at a higher altitude. JetBlue Mint is the First Class of the airline that guarantees the best travel experience for you. Book now, and fly stress-free


Frequently Asked Questions

Does JetBlue have first class?

JetBlue has First Class in the name of JetBlue Mint. This travel class is decorated with exceptional features.

Is JetBlue Mint the same as a Business Class?

Technically, JetBlue doesn’t have a dedicated Business Class, but you can purchase JetBlue Mint for all the incredible amenities. So, you can say that Mint is the same as First Class or Business Class.

Is JetBlue Mint Class worth it?

Yes, JetBlue Mint has amazing amenities to make your journey wonderful and memorable.

How do I upgrade to Mint on JetBlue?

Talk to the JetBlue gate agent, and check the availability of JetBlue Mint. If available, you can upgrade your seat easily.

Do I have to pay to upgrade to JetBlue Mint?

Yes, you need to pay an applicable fee to upgrade your seat to JetBlue mint.


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JetBlue First Class – Enjoy Home – Like Comfort in Mint Suites!


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