JetBlue Booster Seat- Make Traveling with Infants Easy


Travelling can be very difficult when one has an infant traveling with them. JetBlue booster Seat is here for the rescue of all parents. Furthermore, traveling can be even more messy and difficult for new parents. But when one chooses Jetblue airlines, the whole air journey becomes hassle-free.

If you have never traveled with this airline and want to know the infant policy, what is a booster seat and other additional information, then refer to all the information below.

What is JetBlue Booster Seat?

This is a seat that is available to make traveling with an infant so much more comfortable and easy. Furthermore, it is a seat that is offered at the time of boarding the flight. The use of booster seats or strollers makes air travel much more relaxing and comfortable. Moreover, one can use this seat not just for infants but also for much older children.

Once one knows what the booster seat is, the next thing one needs to know is its policy.

What is the Booster Seat Policy of Jetblue Airlines?

If you are planning to take a flight with your infant and wish to make Jetblue bookings, then you must have detailed information on the JetBlue booster Seat policy. Go through the points given below and learn about it in detail-

  • Any lap infant whose age is less than 2 years old does not have to pay any charges or fees. However, the parents must show proof like a passport, birth certificate, etc.
  • Furthermore, Jetblue airlines do not count strollers or car seats as checked or carry-on baggage.
  • Moreover, if you have an infant with you, you are eligible to buy the booster seat as long as you carry the child restraint device.
  • Infants whose age is below 8 years and whose height is 4’99 must use a booster seat for their safety. use of this seat will ensure better safety of the kid.

In addition, parents who wish to carry the baby formula must go through the JetBlue baby formula policy on the airline’s official website.

Does JetBlue charge for strollers?

No, one does not have to pay extra fees or charges for the strollers. When one purchases a ticket from Jetblue airlines, the strollers are a part of it; thus, people do not have to pay an additional amount.

What are the additional things to know about traveling with Infants?

In addition to knowing about the JetBlue booster Seat policy, flyers also need to have some additional information. Traveling with infants can be difficult if one does not have complete information.

Read the points here and learn some additional information to make traveling with infants a hassle-free process.

  • Parents are eligible to bring a diaper bag when they have an infant with them. In addition, you can even bring one more thing as carry-on baggage. However, remember, this is not applicable for basic blue fares because this fare does not allow you to carry any carry-on.
  • Infants who can sit straight without support do not need to use the infant or child seat. To make traveling comfortable with your infant, go through the JetBlue infant policy available on the official website of the airline.
  • Furthermore, if only one parent is traveling with the infant on an international flight, then they need to fill in the minor travel consent form.
  • Breast pumps that mothers carry are not counted as carry-on baggage. It will be considered as an assistive device by Jetblue airlines.

This was a detailed guide on knowing about the JetBlue booster Seat and how can traveling with infants be made easy. So, if you plan an airtrip with your infant, use the information above and make traveling relaxing.

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JetBlue Booster Seat- Make Traveling with Infants Easy


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