How to Use Jetblue Airways Group Travel Policy & Guidelines

Jetblue Airways Group Travel Policy

Are you willing to explore your dream destination with your folks? Well, you should use the JetBlue Airways group travel option to confirm your group reservation and enhance your experience to the next level. Moreover, the groups at JetBlue get incredible discounts to complete their journeys at minimal fares.

Whether you are traveling with your corporate group or with your loved ones, the group travel option of the airline is perfect to plan your journey. Moreover, making a group booking simple and quick. So go ahead and opt for the JetBlue group travel option for maximum benefits. To learn more about this service of the airline, keep reading on.

Next time you think about traveling in a group, you can opt for the JetBlue group travel option and get significant perks out of it. Keep reading this article until the end and learn more about the service.

What is JetBlue Airways Group Travel Policy?

One must adhere to the underlying rules and regulations if he wishes to book group travel with the airline. So, you should consider these important points of the JetBlue group travel policy below and confirm group bookings.

  • You can select normal booking if you have a maximum of seven passengers in your group and choose flights at simple fares.
  • To be eligible for group travel, the count is at least 10. So, if you are 10 in number, you can pay a JetBlue Group Travel fee and confirm your booking.
  • If you want a seat reserved, you can do so by paying 50 USD each at least 30 days before the departure.
  • In case of cancellations of group seats, the airline will forfeit all the payments made prior to the final bookings.
  • When a person travels separately from his group, JetBlue will treat it as individual/personal booking.
  • You all must make group flight bookings on the same flight under the same itinerary that departs on the same day.
  • Your JetBlue booking group will not be confirmed unless you pay a 50 USD fee per person within 14 days of the booking.
  • When your plan is temporary, you have seven days after the booking time to deposit this fee. So, do not pay unless you plan to continue.
  • Once you make the final payment, the airline will apply the deposit towards the cost, and you only have to pay the remaining fee.
  • JetBlue has complete rights to cancel a group booking in case there is any need at any end.
  • You need to make complete payments for domestic flights within 60 days before the flight’s departure, whereas for international, it is 60 days before departure.

Passengers who want to know more details about group flights can call the JetBlue Group Travel Phone number and connect to an expert. This expert will even help you to book your group flights and confirm all the quotes before you make final payments.

What is the Jetblue Airways Group Booking Process?

Do you want to make a group travel booking now? You can take a closer look at the JetBlue Airways group travel process. The airline allows you to book flights in groups both online and offline. We have already mentioned both of the options below!

Booking Group Travel Online

  • Visit the JetBlue official website and enter the group travel section on the official website.
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you shall see a group booking form.
  • Start with your important contact information, such as:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Alternate number
  • Then provide the JetBlue group travel details:

    • Name of the Group
    • Category of your Group
    • Total number of travelers
    • Additional comments
  • Finally, add any necessary trip details in the form like:

    • Trip Type
    • From and To
    • Preferred travel dates
    • Time preferences
  • Moreover, you can dial JetBlue travel group contact number if you need assistance with the group reservation process.
  • Now that you have entered all the information click on the “Request Group Travel” button.

The airline will send you a group travel quote with the trip details you want and even provide you with a confirmation once you decide to proceed with the booking.

What are the different types of groups on JetBlue?

There are multiple choices when it comes to making a JetBlue group booking. Whether you are traveling for leisure or for your business, you can book tickets for the desired group easily. Here are the different types of group bookings on JetBlue.

Leisure groups

JetBlue will organize travel for groups of 10 or more passengers when you have a sports team, a dream destination, or a church group. You will get the best fares and an extraordinary travel experience.

Basic features of Leisure groups:

  • The group will receive an individually adjustable group price discount.
  • A deposit of $50 per person is required to confirm seating.
  • Final payment must be made via the passenger manifest 30 days prior to scheduled departure.
  • Name changes can be made up to 72 hours before departure for a fee of USD 100.
  • So confirm your JetBlue Airlines reservation now, and have a great experience at your dream destination with your near ones.

Incentive Group

They can use this program if a company wants to send its motivational employees on a trip. The reward group program can include any number of passengers. This travel service is convenient and flexible.

Basic features of Incentive groups:

  • You can change the name at any time.
  • Meeting attendees get great value for money on the go.
  • A deposit of $50 per person is required to confirm.
  • Airlines allow a 10% deviation at no extra charge.
  • You only pay the difference in fare.
  • Moreover, you will get JetBlue group travel discount on your group booking.

For all domestic travel, one must submit a balance payment in the final name 30 days prior to departure.

Meeting Travel

For corporate meetings, JetBlue’s Meetings Program provides unconditional support. You get top-notch customer support and flexible options with a JetBlue booking as a meeting group.

Basic features of Meeting groups:

  • You can change the name in the group an unlimited number of times.
  • Group costs and fares will be with the best of deals.
  • You will need to pay $50 to confirm your seat before completing your reservation.
  • Airlines release 10% of seats 60 days before departure without any fees or penalties.

Dial the JetBlue group travel phone number to make a group booking with the airline now.

Family as a group

Family groups can also fly with JetBlue Airways Group Travel program. The condition is that there is at least one adult in the extended family.

Important Notes

People with group bookings cannot use kiosks or online check-in. In addition, on arriving at the airport, please go to the ticket counter, and the staff will be happy to assist you with the check-in process.

You can make a group booking request on the JetBlue official site. Once this is done, one of the dedicated team members in the JetBlue customer service team will contact you in a few business days. He will provide a quote and help answer any questions you may have.

Also, remember that submitting an online request does not reserve space or guarantee availability or price.

Wrapping it up

If you are ready to fly with your group, you must book your tickets with JetBlue Airlines. The airline is a perfect choice when you want to travel in a group. Read the mentioned information, and book your group travel without any hassle. For any queries, get in touch with the agents of the airline. Connect with JetBlue representatives now for a hassle-free group reservation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact JetBlue group travel?

Dial 1-888-538-2583 to get in touch with the group reservation desk of the airline. Share your group details, and confirm your group booking in the shortest span of time.

What are JetBlue groups?

If your group has 10 members, then you can easily make a group booking with JetBlue Airlines.

What does group mean in JetBlue?

Customers who are on the same reservation and will travel on the same flight are considered as a group in JetBlue.

Will I get discounts on JetBlue group booking?

Yes, you will get incredible discounts when you make a group booking with JetBlue Airlines. Connect with the agents of the airline to find great discounts.

How can I make a group booking on JetBlue?

Either go to the official site of the airline to fill out the group form or connect with the agents of the airline to make a group booking with the airline.

How to Use Jetblue Airways Group Travel Policy & Guidelines
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